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high-wire-operated brain, power on.

Goodness, the monumental first post is here. Unfortunately, I do not have any parting words to really justify my excitement, so this post will have to do.

a different kind of little red book

I leave for Beijing in 24-some hours, and I am crazy excited to the point where boredom is simply inexcusable for the 13-hour flight. I have a new red journal to write! I can’t wait to write about daily happenings and fill up the pages with doodles. NEW JOURNAL — now how is that not exciting.

I am attempting to fit everything into one suitcase (under the 50 lb limit), one backpack, and one purse. I would totally take advantage of this two-suitcase-limit-for-international-flights-only but we all know that I am going to come back with like, six cases the size of baby hippos. Sorry, baby hippos, but I don’t think that you’d want to be forcefully shoved onto a plane compartment. We’ll see how my packing prowess measures, as I attempt to fit heaps of clothes, anvil-sized books, a laptop, tangled-up electronics, toiletries, and whatever else I deem necessary.

Riiiight. In my defense, it is 3:18 AM and I should have better things to do. Like rest my eyelids. Or exercise my dream interpretation skills.

In other words, I have ZZZZZZZZZs to manufacture.